can the soul
lean into dissonance?
when two elements
each pure
in its own right
but discordant
in ashen unity,
can it concede goodness?

can it be that
it matters little
whether the heart
and the head
are tethered
or truthless
for at the height of conflict
is master?

and as the thought-thinker
absently ascends stairs,
wrought-iron, underhand
rakes open an arched line
as if to remind that
is a very good teacher.


One thought on “Dust.

  1. Noelle,
    Iron is, indeed, a very good teacher. And as you & I both know, there are times when Iron is a very necessary teacher. What is more, a very conforting teacher.

    “…Thy rod, Thy staff, they comfort me.”

    btw, how IS that lovely hand of yours?

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