The vessel.

We fear what is dissonant,
learn young how to let love grow
but not how to let it go.

Hands are for holding,
lips are for kissing,
and the heart is a vehicle.

Until one day your heel begins
etching the dust like a restless hoof
against unbroken earth.

A leveled gun, an open hand,
a matching gaze, and yet
another whispered name.

And your heart summons
a sharp and measured resolve;
a direction to turn, a road to run.

There are times when strength
means leaving be
the things you must not need.

And you finally see

how hands are for giving,
lips are for confessing,
and the heart is not a vehicle

but a vessel.

(inspired by)


3 thoughts on “The vessel.

  1. Thanks for sharing Miss Noelle,
    Once aqain, your words have painted a picture of the individual who has encountered Christ and been completely transformed. You have me seeing beautifully.

    May God continue to mold and shape your life as a “vessel unto honor, fit for the Master’s use.” May He also continue to hone your writing gift… to His glory and to the blessing of many.

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