Prose (It Begins & Ends)

Grace … as I know Him more and more, blindness dissipates grain by grain. The frame comes into focus, clarity is restored; His glory unveils the beauty of every sweet and bitter thing. Perspective shifts. He puts His eternal lens over my temporal one and light swallows up darkness. Senses reel, ignited, acute. Suddenly there is no separating beauty from Him or Him from beauty. The delight of one is so like the delight of the other, for He is the fullness and fruition of … grace. Inadequate prose for intangible poetry.


3 thoughts on “Prose (It Begins & Ends)

  1. The last line just sums it all up… If your prose is inadequate for the intangible though, Noelle, it gets pretty darn close. Much closer than mine ever could. =)

    I love the picture (ah, snow…). When did you take it?

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