White chocolate.

I walked in smiling
Nearly breaking
But smiling because otherwise
Tears would confront me
Words would elude me
Out in the open.

A sweet voice
made its way alongside me.
“I hope you like white chocolate.”
A steaming cup placed in cold hands.
A genuine smile.

Coffee had never made me well up before
But it’s not about coffee,
It’s about grace.
You may not be able
To heal a wound
But you can sure make it hurt less.

Should you ever wonder
Whether encouragement matters
Whether your offering is appreciated
Please recall the kingdom of Heaven.
Where the unseen is real more than the seen
Where barely a splash ripples into eternity
Where the neighbor in need is not always the one you think
And where the providence of God
May come in the form of white chocolate mocha.

And thank you
Because that white chocolate mocha
And especially your beautiful smile
Were precious to an aching heart
Beyond what you know.



3 thoughts on “White chocolate.

  1. This almost made me tear up. I longed to be reached out to like this. Thank you for sharing. The poem is making me so grateful for the friends I do have and also inspiring me to reach out to more people. Too often I get stagnant and say ‘no, they don’t need it.’ This is not the case. For everyone else, I would be that person they would least expect.

    You are beautiful, Noelle-sister. <3

    – s

  2. I’m no coffee person, but this was beautiful. So many echoes of truth…

    Yes… I often forget the value of a simple smile, a kind word, a cup of cold water…
    (or a white chocolate mocha)

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