A moment.

Stillness is a beautiful thing.

Yesterday, I took the day off and realized how long it had been since I’d done that. Granted, Sundays are typically busy between a run in the morning, church and fellowship, a three-hour class, and Bible study in the evening. But in between, there was an hour or two of blissfully unscheduled time.

So I retreated to my wide window (which faces the woods, where the leaves have begun to fall), pushed the drapes aside, and put my reading chair (which is battered and torn, but I find it rather charming) in front of it.

I did not sign in or log on to anything. I moved textbooks out of my line of sight.

The moment I withdrew from everything , sat in silence, and simply reflected, I was overwhelmed by the weight of His glory. Full of wonder at His goodness and hope in His faithfulness.

Circumstances had not changed. Uncertainty remained. But I was confident, for His love is steadfast. He prepares our paths, and His ends are for our good and His glory. In Him is the fulfillment of all our hearts’ desires. He is the truth my restless heart is searching for.

My world is in His hands.

Such is the fruit of a moment of stillness.


4 thoughts on “A moment.

  1. beautiful post! what a wonderful reminder in the beauty of stillness. I have recently been reminded of this as well. So much rest and peace can come from laying aside all our burdens and worries and simply lying still in His presence, inviting Him to shower us with His comforting presence.


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