Gracious One.

“The lines have been drawn in good places, by the grace of God.”

This sentence came from my last post, “And then, September.” I was referring to favorable day-to-day circumstances, an intriguing season of life, and enjoyable relationships.

As I read over the post again later, the question struck me of whether or not I would write the same words if day-to-day circumstances were not favorable, the season of life was less than intriguing, and relationships were strained or broken.

Would I have the same confidence in His sustaining grace if I were disappointed, rejected, or failing? (Will I have the same confidence in His everlasting love and mercy when I am disappointed, rejected, and failing?)

It’s easier at certain times than others to love the work of the LORD. It is not hard to declare the grace and goodness of God when everything feels right. But when the walk requires more, when it becomes a desperate pursuit rather than a serene jaunt through the proverbial park, will our trust in His steadfast faithfulness wane?

I pray not. For those grueling, yet refining journeys are crucial to growing in the LORD. Yes, they require intentionality and purpose. Yet however challenging they prove to be, they are not evidence of lessened grace or diminished love. The grace of God is not a phrase coined to describe languid, leisurely circumstances. No — the grace of God is true and costly love, a love that stretches from the heart of the living God to every one of His children. This love remains with us through valley and summit, darkness and light. This love died for us. This love is life.

May we remain amazed by grace.


3 thoughts on “Gracious One.

  1. This was so lovely to read! :) The post prior to it was beautiful as well. I love the way that you write; it captures so much of human emotion and God’s grace. I can relate to the things you write a lot. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on your blog!

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