Charting different waters.

A timely quotation shared by my dear friend Meredith. Relevant — and integral — to what I and perhaps many others have grappled with of late. May it strengthen your soul as it did mine.

From King’s Cross, by Tim Keller.

“For you,” God says, “the route to gaining influence is not through power. Influence gained through power and control doesn’t really change society; it doesn’t change hearts. I’m calling you to a totally different approach. Be so sacrificially loving that the people around you, who don’t believe what you believe, will soon be unable to imagine the place without you. They’ll trust you because they see that you’re not only out for yourself but out for them, too. When they voluntarily begin to look up to you because of the attractiveness of your service and love, you’ll have real influence. It will be an influence given to you by others, not taken by you from others.” Who is the model for that way of gaining influence? It’s Jesus himself, of course. 


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