Hello, harbor.

Image via sailingskies.tumblr.com. I do not own this image.

Well, hello there, friends and countrymen.

The last few months have been beautiful. Full of change. Full of learning. Full of growing. Likely the most pivotal season of my life so far, punctuated with sweetness, laughter, deep conversation, and the unexpected. I encountered so many wonderful people this summer and I’m thankful to each of them for imparting new perspective, encouragement, and meaning. Summer of 2011 was truly unforgettable — in many ways, a catalyst.

My plans for the approaching semester (“approaching” meaning less than 24 hours away) evolved quite suddenly and I’m very excited and optimistic about what the coming year holds. Academic and personal goals have grown in scope, and I’m eager to make this year count in many arenas. The Lord has been faithfully speaking to me the entire summer and given me new eyes for purpose, promises for the season ahead, and passion for the work to which He’s called me.

If I had to name my foremost personal goals for this season, I would say intentionality and availability. I want to be intentional in all forms of giving (i.e., relationships, work, worship, and ministry), and available to the Lord and to people. (Real people. Not just “all of humanity,” but the actual people in my life.) I expect, and hope, that the way I use my time, interact with others, and approach situations will look different as I apply those principles. Not just knowing, but doing. Theory, meet praxis.

Being as such, in addition to the fact that I will now be studying, working (hopefully), doing this, and even teaching, my schedule will change shape drastically. While I hope to continue writing often, working well and loving people well are the priorities right now. I’ll devote time as the Lord leads and we’ll see what that means for this little blog of mine. Perhaps less frequent postings as I assume other responsibilities. But of course, I will remain eager as ever to share thoughts and impressions as inspiration strikes.

Thank you to all who read these musings. Humbled and blessed, as always.




2 thoughts on “Hello, harbor.

  1. Noelle,

    Your Fall is off to a great start, even while it is still August! I love IJM and have been a supporter for years. Run, Noelle, Run!!!!

    Sally Moore

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