Lights on the water.

(actually, very often)
in the process of living,
wires get crossed.
Paths take interesting turns;
unexpected, even if not unwelcome.
Some paths converge
while others diverge;
in transit, so to speak.
And in the process of
we forget who we are.

We just forget.

And one day, but more often
one night,
we look in the mirror
and see a face we hardly know.
Or rather, a face we know too well
hiding a soul we’ve rather forgotten.
In the midst of telling ourselves
“no one understands,”
we discover how little we ourselves
understood in the first place.

The past really is etched on our faces
both figuratively and otherwise.
How, in a person,
is there so much of truth
so much of beauty
so much of sin?
Nature, grace;
is that really something we choose?
The undeniable voice that says
grace chose you
what is that?

We realize all over again
how imperfect we are.
unable to help ourselves
yet designed for glory.
Is mankind young or old?
We cannot even tell
because we have long awaited
with wide eyes
the day when all of creation
is made

Maybe we’re getting younger,
waiting to be

Yet in the midst of all the unknown,
we are known.
How are we safe if we are unable
to decipher even ourselves?
because we are created,
because all we cannot understand
is understood,
because despite all things,
we are

And suddenly
we return to that place of
more knowing, and less knowing.
We know much of ourselves
and little of Him
but only because we see
that there is so much less of us
and so much more of Him.
Whether that is really “more knowing”
or “less knowing”
I leave to higher minds.

For it would seem
that the question is not
how much we know
of ourselves
or how much we explain
of identity
or even how much we understand
of origins
but how much we see
of Him.


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