The catalyst.

Finding a sense of purpose beyond yourself seems to be a catalyst for metamorphosis.

Until we step outside the box of self and embrace servanthood, we cannot know our potential for love. In order for our hearts to become fully engaged, we must set aside our own desires and frustrations and take a close look at the neighbor in need. We must be willing to actively, tangibly live out the call to love thy neighbor. To meet real people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, beginning with those closest to us. To love Christ in His most distressing disguise. To listen for the call, or even the call within a call, and pursue it to the utmost of our abilities. To open our eyes, perceive the broken state of the world, and demonstrate the love of Christ as hope for a dying planet. To live out servanthood not as an abstract concept confined to the sanctuary or the prayer journal, but as a daily priority; a focused vision.

As we adopt this vision, we will experience personal change of the best possible kind. Maturity. Insight. Perspective. Genuine desire for the things of the Lord more than the things of the world. Compassion like never before. Growth in all areas of godliness. The rewards are many, and their value is eternal.

I am by no means saying “do as I do,” but “do as God calls.” I am early in the journey of servanthood, still trying to understand the depth of His call on my own life. I share about the proverbial catalyst because I see in my peers a deep longing for purpose and an intentional desire to walk with the Lord.

But one thing is already clear: Once you decide that life’s not about you, there’s no going back. Everything changes.

In the most glorious way possible.


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