Friend of friends.

Discovering a new facet of God’s character opens up your heart to possibilities you never imagined.

Personally, I had never considered God as a friend per se until recently, when I found myself hurrying, running to find a place I could meet with Him and place the whole day, all the things that had happened, all the details I couldn’t quite figure out, in His (very strong) hands.

There’s nothing quite like having a friend who already understands, even before you tell Him. Who listens to the situation and can actually solve it for you. Who does not offer trite advice or irrelevant personal experience. Who does not judge, but guides and redeems even the most complicated situations. Who does not counsel you wrongly. Who does not misunderstand. Who does not tire of hearing the story again. Who rejoices with you. Who knows you intimately. Who involves Himself in your relationships in order to strengthen them, not tear them apart. Who knows and loves the people you love more than you ever can. Who withholds no good thing. Who does not venture to guess, but reveals the truth. Who supplies grace and forgiveness for when you are wronged. Who speaks the truth in love and holds you accountable for your actions. Who bears no grudge. Who enables you to love people beyond what is easy, beyond what the world understands, beyond what is reasonable, beyond what makes sense, beyond what is fair, beyond what you imagine possible. Who remains steadfast when all others fail you.

Who loves you extraordinarily.


5 thoughts on “Friend of friends.

  1. Yes. Yes! These are truths, and ones I have been discovering personally over the past few days. They are things I knew in my head, but I’m only now understanding practically. And it’s a beautiful thing.

  2. You know what has struck me about the friendship we have with God, Noelle? Is that He listens to our hearts each time as if it is the first time He has heard our story…even though He already sees all the matter. Ever had a friend who listened to the same story, event, musing, pain, pondering (for the hundreth time) that you are voicing as if it was the very first time they were hearing you share that thing? That is a rare friend indeed. But, I think that God is that just that….the rarest of friends. When we bring life to Him He listens with purposeful alertness. Whether we express life through spoken account or written in a journal….God is always receiving us as if it was the first time we gave Him access to our thoughts and feelings. There is a constant “newness” of relationship with Him…..and the joy of being heard by the one Who created our innermost parts. He is a friend like none other….He never tires of helping us process life and faith and eternity.

    • “Purposeful alertness…” “newness…” those words capture the essence of this divine friendship! Such beautiful truths. Thank you. I’m praying for you and miss you very much!

      blessings. -n.

  3. I find comfort in these truths Noelle. I know that oftentimes, I come to God with the exact same problems, again and again, and wonder if He’s tired of hearing about them because He already has many times before. But as you’ve pointed out, God is not just our King or our Intercessor. He is also the rarest of friends, and I think I forget that sometimes. Thanks!

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