He loves.

We are His portion
And we are His prize
Drawn to salvation by the grace in His eyes
If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.
— “How He Loves”

It was nearing 4 a.m. Monday morning, and my eyes were open. Something was still rolling through my mind that I had been pondering since I read this post, but not until the middle of the night did the subversive guards of reasonableness and sensibility fall down. I’d felt this unnatural wakefulness before. It wasn’t the first time God had woken me up at this hour to remind me of this very thing.

Outside the window, there was enough light to find my pen and start writing. A few lines of a familiar song drifted between thoughts, and the words adopted the same cadence.

My heart and soul stagger to their knees when I think about the magnificent, beautiful, courageous, utterly unfair and undeserved way that He loves us.

My soul has been set free, amazing grace has been given to me, life everlasting is mine because of the way that He loves us.

The world is bright and beautiful with the hope of salvation, darkness has no hold on me, and I have a constant source of joy because of the way that He loves us.

I hold the hope of Heaven, the anticipation of glory, the expectation of His return because of the way that He loves us.

How can I ever wallow in my regrets or resent the past or be selfish or deny grace or be ungrateful or suffer in sin or ever be truly crushed, in light of the way that He loves us?

Why the God of Heaven stoops down to pour light and beauty into a life like mine, I will never know. Why Heaven met earth in one burst of light, why He fought to win the heart of a bride that did not love Him, why He transforms and redeems even the most wretched among us, I will never understand. But it doesn’t really matter, when you think about the way that He loves us.

This love, this glorious-beyond-belief love, this love so undeserved yet so freely given, is my only hope, my only grace …. I pray that my every word, every step, every look, every touch, every reflection, be a mirror of this love and beauty that I strive to know and accept more every day. Let this love be my life’s declaration that all around me may look and see not the superficial, but the divine. That their eyes may see beauty, and see God. Let me be full to overflowing with Him and a catalyst of light to all who see. 

How could I do anything else when I consider the way that He loves us?

His love reaches even into the depths of the night.


2 thoughts on “He loves.

  1. When you write at 4 in the morning, you really write! =)

    The love and grace of our Lord are such fundamental and beautiful things that I know I take for granted. Thank you for the nudge in the right direction.

    ~ Tim

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