You’re sitting on an island, trying to build a dirigible, or even just a decent hang-glider, but you aren’t getting anywhere because all around you, flying machines are sailing by that just beg to be admired with starry eyes. Perhaps you’re the only one with an actual destination in mind. Maybe you’re the only one building an airship great enough to take you to the moon. But it’s nearly impossible to focus on it when you’re so busy watching everyone else sail around aimlessly.

I wonder how different our lives would be if we were not distracted.

I’m not referring to spontaneous, exciting opportunities for which we should leave our work and seize the moment. No, I mean the distractions that waste time, dull your mind, and steal vibrance. The kinds of things that gradually transform life from beautiful, enthralling hi-def to … kind of interesting, but sort of grainy and flat at the same time.

If I were not distracted, that hardback tower of books on my desk would be read, and I would have discovered new insight from each of them. As of yet, I haven’t. Why not? Distractions. Little things. Little things that add up.

Think of all the things we, collectively, could do if we ruthlessly pushed aside the unnecessary, unproductive diversions that stand between us and accomplishment. Creativity would be at an all-time high. We would be pushing forward into undiscovered horizons, pioneering into the unexplored galaxy of fresh, young thoughts and ideas. Inspiring works would be taking shape, coming to life beneath our pens and brushes.

Your pen. The one sitting on your desk. Or whatever else defines your medium of expression. Pick it up and start creating.

Without distractions, the world would be more beautiful not just for what we added to it, but for what we gained from it as well. We would observe more. Consider more. Ponder more. Reflect upon more. Our attention spans would be longer than a few minutes. We would not have the paralyzing fear of boredom that drives us to find something superficially amusing to do until the next thing happens. We would not live to kill time. On the contrary, we would do everything possible to make the moment last longer, to keep the memory more real.

If you have a dream (and I know you do), why are small, weak obstacles sneaking in and forcing you off course? Why are little monsters devouring your time and creativity? Why don’t you stop wading around by the shore and start sailing the high seas? Who doesn’t want to look through their spyglass and see a beautiful, new, rolling tide? Who doesn’t want to reach their destination, victorious, and hear the Captain pronounce it a journey well-made?

Then by all means, board your airship and prepare for flight. Fasten your goggles and don’t let them cloud up. Travel light and jettison whatever you don’t need. It’s time to take to the sky.


4 thoughts on “Airship.

  1. Great post, and inspiring, too! Thanks for posting. ^_^ Also, I loved the bit about airships – I’ve been writing a story in an alternate-world that has airships, & your mental pictures brought a bit of inspiration there as well.

  2. This was such a beautiful post!!! I was incredibly inspired. I adore the thought of the airship. It makes me think of the movie “UP.” :)
    I absolutely love, love, love your blog and I am so excited when you post something new. It is hugely inspiring and I have it as my internet home page on my computer!

    • It makes me so happy to hear that someone is inspired by what I write! I am absolutely delighted and it’s so sweet that you made it your homepage. :)

  3. Quite the breath of fresh air! Thank you for this reminder Noelle (I think I needed one). It’s so easy to go to the superficial when boredom encroaches, but I completely agree with your drive and encouragement to shoot for the sky! =)

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