A year’s worth of little drawings.

While sorting through some notebooks this morning, I discovered a large variety of little drawings, words, and phrases in margins and between lines, accumulated over the last year. They included, in loosely chronological order…

hearts of every size, shape, and texture

the words “Epic Hero” at the top of a blank sheet of paper

a picture of a Hershey Kiss

the word “chocolate” written in every handwriting, backwards, and reversed, going down the margin

little anime hands

a picture of daises and raindrops falling onto an umbrella, with the word “marguerite” written randomly in capital letters.

a caricature of The Band Perry

an anthem to donuts written on the back of a test

a cupcake drawn on the front of a test, with a note informing the teacher that “our class positively thrives on sugar.”

dancing feet

a girl with aviator goggles

people waltzing

a girl in the rain, with the words “let it rain”

a bunny rabbit

Scrabble tiles spelling out “It’s a big world out there”

an entire fashion line called “Collegiate”

a cool, retro Nikon logo

a very cute girl with a Mickey Mouse hat on

many, many lines from Owl City songs

a clock with the words “timing is everything”

lots of little scissors, with the words “Skissors are Faskinating”

a bird under a bell jar with the words “If you love it set it free … if it comes back ’twas meant to be.”

a girl holding a bird

lots and lots and lots of balloons

balloons made of hearts

balloons made of daisies

a boy and a girl sitting on the moon with stars around

a girl standing on a fence.


3 thoughts on “A year’s worth of little drawings.

  1. Oh I just love doodles… You have quite an assortment of them. My doodles are usually the same ones over and over again =)


  2. The anthem to donuts…. ah, such good times, good times!

    What a plethora of whimsical doodles. :) They are each a pleasure to contemplate…

  3. elegant and cool imagery…
    love your style of writing.

    Good Day:

    Inviting you to join our poetry potluck today,

    Week 43 is free verse week, submit 1 to 3 random poems, enjoy the fun!

    Hope to see you soon..
    Happy Monday.

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