Ten for a Friday.

Ten things.

one. Reading Dickens. Oliver Twist, as I have already mentioned to a few, was doubtless the most joyous, uplifting, soul-elevating piece of literature I have ever laid eyes upon. Or perhaps not. But either way, it was excellent, as Dickens tends to be. Some of his characters pull you in so much that you barely realize how attached you have become until you feel sickened at their deaths.

one, a. Listening to Owl City while reading Oliver Twist in a somewhat futile attempt to balance a morbid tale of cosmic justice with synthesized songs of strawberries, stars and seahorses.

two. Good ideas, like writing a book, going downtown, eating at Jason’s Deli, seeing a play, or spending a weekend out in the country.

three.Writing letters. Catching up on correspondence.

four. Planning for summer. I anticipate warm July nights in the town center, a week or two at summer camp for the last time, photography in the city, reading in the library, working a part-time job. Among other things.

five. Late nights and early mornings. It feels like the clock is ticking every second these days. Simply unheard of!

six. Metaphors. “My heart is like an elevator.””[Person] is like a question mark.” “Tears fell like an April shower which brings May flowers like roses and orchids.” More things compared to more flowers. Mostly written in the middle of the night.

seven. Surprises. Things show up in interesting places these days.

eight. Rain … and Blooms. There are yellow daffodils, pink trees, (finally) green grass, and violet wildflowers. Spring has sprung.

nine. Shutter clicking. The circular outline of a lens cap in my hip pocket. Memory card full again. Photo essay to be planned. And I am sure few people find Photoshop as thrilling as I do.

ten. Beautiful people. It seems they’re all around me, rarely aware of how beautiful they are.

And besides those ten things, there’s also the Loch Ness Monster, which Brennan* wanted me to mention and I don’t remember why or what I was supposed to say about it. At any rate, I’m sure it’s still in Scotland and anyone can go find it who wants to.

Have a wonderful night.


* Brennan is a very imaginative, vivacious person whom I wish everyone could meet. She writes books, shelves books, eats mandarin oranges, often uses the word “truly,” and has a younger sister with red hair who reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I often ask Brennan what I should write about. She has a great blog, see link.



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