Have you ever had a memory rush back so strongly that everything slows down and you re-live the moment on an almost microscopic level, every detail magnified in ways you barely noticed at the time? Have you ever walked past a significant place and realized what a different person walked in your shoes before? Have you ever seen shadows of the past flicker in your mind’s eye, sitting a few feet away or following just behind as they did in real life?

It was cold, the sky was pale, and nearly every building in the city was closed that day. I had never climbed those stairs before, only descended them. I hoped this particular establishment would be open, because I wanted to walk the quiet halls and look at the gilded architecture again. I crossed the sprawling terrace and turned to see the city spread out before me. It was summer last time I stood there, and it was blissful. The sun had shined so brightly and it was the middle of the happiest time. All smiled. All were fearless. I had worn blue…

Reluctantly I looked away and ran to the doors. They were locked.


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