Let’s be thankful again.

Remember how easy it was to be thankful in November? Gratitude was in the air, and we all were in the mood to talk about how we’ve been blessed. But now, as winter marches on, are we still living thankful lives? Or was that a New Years’ resolution that was all too quickly dismissed?

I hope not. It can be a struggle to remember life’s greatest blessings when work piles up, temperatures drop, and celebrations are faint memories. But gratitude is a virtue that should accompany us everywhere we go, no matter what we find ourselves doing.

I am thankful for the occasional relaxed weekend to take things a little slower. For a precious chance to listen to someone pour their heart out. For a word fitly spoken. For beautiful pictures to look at, a look into someone else’s world. For discovering an area of strength. For difficult moments that serve a purpose, and may take on greater meaning later on. For silence. For the knowledge that an ordinary day could become the greatest. For great ideas and greater hopes. For inspiration that sends your heart soaring. For answers and understanding. For mysteries that have no answer. For the day of small things and the day of new beginnings.

What are you thankful for?


4 thoughts on “Let’s be thankful again.

  1. I am thankful for beautiful, blue-skied, fifty-degree days. I am thankful for books and quotes. I am thankful an all knowing God who never messes up, and I am thankful for loyal and true friends.

  2. I am often conscious of being very thankful for my husband’s presence. I think, he could be gone, and I could be wishing I could hold his hand again. I am thankful for every day with him! Even these bleak February gray days.

  3. I am thankful for relationships, for the gift of music and harmony, for fun and laughter with a friend I haven’t seen in years, for a time to be still and do things that I am dying to do but usually can’t because of busyness, and for a God who won’t give up on me and is even now working in me for the best to come.

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