Snow day.

This is my house. Image via

One of my favorite sentences in the world:  “Oh, you know there’s [large number] inches of snow coming tomorrow, right?”

Because when all that snow falls, nobody can leave their house, nobody can get to class, and nobody can make you show up anywhere because you couldn’t get there anyway. Even the phone rings less on snow days, as though some merciful telephone line somewhere just decided to take the day off.

On this snow day (though, oddly enough, we are still waiting for the  main event), I am reading satire for literature class  (hint: has to do with Yahoos and Houyhnhnms), playing the piano, thinking of taking a walk to see what the other neighborhood streets look like in the snow, watching Roman Holiday later, and listening to movie scores.

Sometimes, everything just needs to slow down for twenty-four hours.

My deepest regrets if it is not a snow day where you live. I hope that someday, a bizarre weather phenomenon occurs in which all of America is snowed in at the same time. That would be so fun, for about fifteen minutes.

Now I’m going to spend the next hour thinking about the implications of such an event. Have a beautiful day.


p.s. Please keep quoting. I love reading them.


3 thoughts on “Snow day.

  1. Noelle, enjoy your beautiful snow day. Not even a flake in Virginia Beach. I’m listening to WTOP just to pretend I’M having a snow day. But I’m going to have to go to work, anyway. :(

    Here’s an idea for a post: Favorite movies of all time? You mentioning Roman Holiday made me think of that. Ever seen African Queen or Treasure of the Sierra Madre?

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