Today, I discovered that there is something so peaceful about watching an artist — a painter — at work.

My job was to shoot photos, but I could have simply sat quietly and watched for hours. The early five o’clock sunset flooded the tiny bedroom-turned-studio through wide-open shutters. Everything was perfectly calm with the loveliest kind of silence, something that is hard to describe.

The light was beautiful, and the painting was magnificent. My first few pictures focused on capturing the vivid color and texture of the six-foot-long canvas.

But with every shot, my attention turned more and more to the brilliant artist herself. And I knew that I could not fully capture her unique, elegant beauty in the confines of a photograph. She was more of a poem than one picture could write.

Is this not the reason we have beauty? To recognize its excellence, but then become aware of the incomparably boundless beauty of the One who created it? Behind every story, there is an author. Behind every portrait, there is a painter. Behind every good thing, there is a giver of good things.

Let every beautiful sight point us heavenward …



2 thoughts on “Artist.

  1. There is something unique about the beauty of art, in its ability to inspire and point us heavenward. =)

    Ooh, speaking of which, this reminds me of a song my choir is learning right now. We haven’t even put it all together yet and we only have a piano (no instruments), but it may be the most powerful/beautiful song I have ever heard. It’s called Baba Yetu. Apparently it’s from the video game Civilization 4, which I know nothing about… but I found out today that the song’s lyrics are a Swahili translation of the Lord’s Prayer, and it just filled me with a sense of awe. This is one of those songs that you feel like we’ll be singing in heaven. Check it out.

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