Please write.

I would like to know more about the friends and acquaintances who read Seeing Beauty!  These questions are inspired by various things I’ve written about in recent months. Please leave a comment below and share the following.

1) Six words. Who are you?

2) What are you going to change in 2011?

3) Do you like Shakespeare? Why or why not?

4) What are you thankful for today?

5) What is beauty?

Can’t wait to read what you write.


14 thoughts on “Please write.

  1. Hey Noelle!
    I am a mutual friend. I grew up with Sarah Robinson. She is one of my closest friends and she is always reading and raving about your blog. By reading some of your posts, I noticed that you also are a: lover of Christ, thought, reading, writing, and old movies :) I also have a wordpress. I just made it up after being somewhat inspired by yours (I already had one but didn’t get on it much). It is Hope to read more from you soon!


  2. 1. Rebelutionary, dreamer, sinner, learner, content, sister, photographer
    2. Hopefully piano skills and my reading difficult books… or lack there of.
    3. I have never really sat down and read him. I like some of his plays, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ being my favorite.
    4.A warm house.
    5. Truth.

  3. 1) I am [among other things] a grammar-passionate, easily-distracted bibliophile.

    2) My resolutions, previously determined and written down, are as follows: “Resolved: to sit straighter, read more, floss often, think kinder, speak softer, consider my words, play more chess, savor each minute. Endurance and victory, never alone, always hope!” (Those last three phrases are three of my favorite war cries/exhortations from several good books. :) )

    3) Yes. I do like Shakespeare. I like him because his work has so much more depth than modern writings. The rhythm of his writing forced him to say much with very little, and to put it in refreshing and unique ways. I enjoy his works for that.

    4) Hm… I think I am chiefly thankful for color, the written word, and diverse personalities.

    5) Color. The written word. Diverse personalities. :) Hm. As for a definition of ‘beauty’, I have considered this before and found it difficult to give a solid answer. I suppose beauty, from my perspective, is that which evokes a certain strong but elusive emotion akin to admiration, love, respect, pleasure and/or desire.

    • Brennan, your resolutions are going on my inspiration board. Very, very well said. I applaud your approach to life. (and you must pay a visit to play chess sometime.) -n.

      • I am quite surprised (but pleased) that you found the resolutions worthy of your inspiration board. Thank you very much! They were partially shaped by YOUR approach to life.

        Your inspiration board sounds familiar, but I cannot seem to find any past reference to it on your blog… in any case, I’d very much like to see it sometime! And I would love to play chess with you! I have a terrible habit of losing, though… my brother and I have played many games together and I can’t remember ever winning. :) Yet for some reason I still love the game immensely!

  4. 1. Princess {my Father is the King of Kings} :-), pianist, adventure-seeker, sister, aunt, senior
    2. Exercise endurance and perseverance more often; paint my room!; be more artistic in photographing (you’ve inspired me, Noelle.)
    3. I have never read Shakespeare either. However, I have watched “Taming of the Shrew” and “Henry V” and I like them both.
    4. Technology, salvation, the start of a new week, and the freedom to be able to talk about and read the Bible without hiding.
    5. A kind, meek, humble heart; what Brennan said too.

  5. 1) Six words. Who are you?

    Kind, funny, intelligent, playful Jesus-following woman.

    2) What are you going to change in 2011?

    Sounds trite and New-Years-Resolutiony, but I am going to get my weight down and exercise consistently to have a healthier body- all year long. I started exercising in November (and am still doing it consistently), and I started eating with weight-loss as a goal this month. I am 50 years old and it is “get healthy now or never.” I am determined.

    3) Do you like Shakespeare? Why or why not?

    To read or not to read, that is the question. I think Shakespeare was quite clever, but I have never given him the time he deserves. I find the language difficult.

    4) What are you thankful for today?

    Everything, and I do mean everything.

    5) What is beauty?

    Beauty is a mysterious recognition of the Creator. A longing for something we don’t quite remember. A stirring in the soul. It is the image of God in disguise.

  6. 1.I am an artist who loves Christ…and books.
    2.My goals for 2011 look daunting–to balance the discipline of schoolwork with the discipline of reading good books, especially the Bible.
    3.I love Shakespeare. His pithiness inspires me.
    4.Today, I am thankful for trees, friendship, and eyes.
    5.And I think beauty is God’s shadow.

  7. 1. I am: girly, passionate, organized, joyful, classical, and a cup-half-full-kinda-girl.

    2.In 2011 I am going to try to read harder books, challenge myself, study harder, pray more, drink more tea, enjoy the little things, spend more time with my family, get outside more, and get rid of some stuff.

    3. No, I do not like Shakespeare. I am a huge fan of good literature, but Shakespeare is not my kind of author. I have read Hamlet, Julius Ceasar, and the children’s version of Romeo and Juliet. I did not like any of them. I saw The Tempest. It was the better than the others, but I still can not say I loved it. I think the reason I don’t like Shakespeare’s work is because too many people die tragic, violent deaths.

    4. Today I am thankful for: my family, books, and my health.

    5. Beauty is an outpouring of our Savior’s love. All true beauty is created only by Christ, and the most beautiful things are often the smallest.

    • Sarah, one thing I often remind friends of is that Shakespeare was not primarily an author (except for his sonnets) but a playwright. His works were meant to be seen rather than read, which often contributes to students’ dislike of his works. I became a “Shakespearienne” (hey, I just made up a word) after seeing Much Ado About Nothing as a live stage play. It was unbelievably hilarious. It changed my feelings entirely, and I’ve loved his works ever since! (It also helped me understand his text better … it takes three or four plays before you can really understand Shakespeare’s language.) -n. p.s. Drinking more tea is a very fine resolution. My favorite commercial tea brand is Tazo. Black and green teas are quite common, but if you have never tried white or red, you must. I recommend Passion by Tazo.

      • Maybe your right, Noelle. It would probably help me understand Shakespeare more if I saw more of the actual plays instead of just reading the scripts. And, maybe I will pick up Much Ado About Nothing. You are the second person in the last few days who has told me it was good. Maybe I will be able to call myself a Shakespearienne yet. (It will probably be awhile.) Well, I guess I have another book to add to my ever growing list.

  8. 1. God’s work-in-progress. Thespian homeschooler. Ninja (supposedly…).

    2. I plan to(among other things) sleep earlier, exercise more, read more more challenging books, keep a Sabbath, and give more of myself to God.

    3. His comedies are AMAZING and so much fun to watch! As for his more serious everyone-dies-at-the-end plays, I haven’t seen any on the stage, and I’ve only ever read one, Macbeth, (and there is a world of difference between reading a play and SEEING a play), so no, I’m not quite a Shakespearienne, but from what I know of his work, yes, I like Shakespeare (and I have a complete volume of his works plus a resolution to read more challenging stuff this year… so we’ll see what comes of that).

    4. Solitude. Peace. Not having to be busy every moment. Time to unwind. A warm dog and a book. =)

    5. I think beauty is a reflection of the perfection, goodness, power, and truth of God, or as Abigail so eloquently put it, “God’s shadow.”

    • I am currently compiling a chart comparing and contrasting the characteristics of pirates and ninjas as the two main personality types. (Sort of a sociology commentary, you might say. It might be lacking in historical accuracy, given that my main source is *cough* a Disney movie, but it’s … interesting nonetheless.) Ninjas aren’t doing well so far. I haven’t really talked to very many, given that it isn’t a ninja if you can see it, but if you come across any, send the my way. Oh, wait… bad idea

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