“Joy is a delight of the mind, from the consideration of the present or assured approaching possession of a good.”

–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

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I enjoy writing lists … perhaps a more eloquent writer would not consider list-making an art form, exactly, but I find it very effective in causing one to understand his or her current circumstances better.

Here is an incomplete list of things that tend to inspire joy (in me, and perhaps in you, too). I like to discuss this topic every so often, so forgive me if it sounds at all familiar.


  1. Morning, especially if one does not feel overly drowsy upon meeting it.
  2. A returned smile.
  3. Weddings. (Dancing at weddings.)
  4. Snowfall, memories of Snowmageddon.
  5. The first and last pages of a book.
  6. Meeting a new friend.
  7. A quick rainstorm, when one has not planned a parade or picnic.
  8. Great ideas, and the discussion of such.
  9. Noticing details no one else sees.
  10. Colors.
  11. Very cheerful songs.
  12. The word “vivacity.”
  13. Those little 3-d Japanese erasers that you can buy in individual packages for a dollar … I have an ice cream cone, a round cake, a rectangle cake, a toothbrush, a cupcake, and a green pig. Doubtless some of my most valued possessions.
  14. Bouquets of pink flowers.
  15. Finishing a long letter and putting it in the mailbox.

Please continue the list.



7 thoughts on “joy

  1. 1. Good food (I could go on and on here: creme brulee, quality hot chocolate like Panera’s, cream of crab soup, hard-shelled blue crabs, raw oysters– okay, by now I’m losing some folks).

    2. An inside joke.

    3. Flirting with a baby.

    4. Fluffy white clouds.

    5. Those big plastic bouncy balls they sell in bins at the grocery store.

    6. Pottery mugs.

    7. New technology when it works easily.

    8. My children.

    9. Yes– SNOW!!! The kind that paralyzes the city.

    10. Long coffee telephone chats with my friend Lynn on Saturday mornings.

    11. British television, i.e. “Doc Martin”.

  2. What a lovely list! Writing lists is one of my favorite things to do!!

    Starting new hobbies–discovering something new that you like to do; Receiving long letters in the mail; siblings visiting/coming home from college; weekends (I actually find Mondays to be very joyous sometimes too); birthdays; accomplished New Year’s resolutions; a good long hike; eating outside in the summertime; writing and reading time capsules (write a letter to yourself and opening it 1…5…10 years later); finding a verse in the Bible that really stands out to you and seems to speak directly to you…
    …and the list goes on!

  3. 16. going downstairs into the basement of my school to check my mail and seeing a letter from home wedged diagonally in my box.
    17. running in the desert with my dad and my dog.
    18. typing without looking at the keys.
    19. taking photographs.
    20. the satisfaction that comes after cleaning house.
    21. renewing old friendships.
    22. laughing about nothing at all.
    23. spontaneous pillow fights.
    24. listing joys, stopping, and realizing how much I’m blessed.

    Thanks for posting, Noelle. :)

  4. This is a topic that goes undiscussed far too much. Thank you for bringing it up again! (I like the definition you provided of joy; it’s interesting to think of joy as a mind thing not just a feeling).

    Hmmm, things that make me joyful (a few are already taken, so here are some of the ones that aren’t):
    1. Cute animals; not just how they look, but cute things they do.
    2. Being good at something that surprises people.
    3. Playing with random objects and having fun while doing it.
    4. Spontaneity, especially when with friends.
    5. Seeing little kids play.
    6. Unexpected kind words or gestures.
    7. Creative emoticons. <
    8. (Appropriately) funny videos.
    9. People with beautiful smiles.
    10. Unique animals (platypuses, dachshunds, hummingbirds, etc.).
    11. Music that makes me want to be still & listen, or get up & dance.
    12. Knowing I've brightened up someone's day or touched someone's life.

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