“A lens to see unseen things”

This video (see link) is of the Student Remarks given by Meredith Schultz at the 2009 Commencement Exercises at Patrick Henry College. I had the honor of meeting Meredith this summer, and though I cannot add anything to the speech as eloquent as what she delivers, I can assure you that she is a woman who lives out the message she shares. I have all admiration and respect for Meredith and wish that everyone here had a chance to meet her.

I look forward to reading your thoughts below …


2 thoughts on ““A lens to see unseen things”

  1. Meredith is a truly eloquent speaker. She inspired and taught me many things this summer. Thank you for posting this video, Noelle. I felt like I was sitting in our classroom at LeVo once again.

  2. I agree with Sarah. Hearing Meredith’s eloquent (and winsome!) voice again brought back such memories (and I caught a few LeVo themes woven into her speech as well!). Thanks for sharing this with us Noelle. :)

    I love Meredith’s affirmation to love the unseen things, and to labor for the heavenly city, not the earthly one. It is strange to think that the ones who have the most impact on this earth are the ones who are setting their sights on heaven and laboring for a God they cannot see. It’s even stranger to think that among the great saints in heaven, not only will we see history’s giants of the faith and great souls, but also the ones who no one had ever heard of on earth. The Sarah Smiths who lived, loved, worked, struggled, and died unseen, unnoticed, unsung and unwept.

    But we are told that those who receive praise and applause on this earth have received their reward in full. Those who serve and love the Lord in obscurity, who strive to live for Him in ways unseen yet real, just as God Himself is, do not work in vain. God sees every unseen thing that they do for Him, and He will not forget.

    Nothing goes truly unseen.

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