Another day’s walkings.

Today, I walked down the street to our house while the sun was setting and looked at Christmas lights. The street was entirely gold, but the lights were golder, so it was quite pretty.

I thought of how some people remind me of Christmas lights — so sparkling, bright, and welcoming. It might sound funny to say that I aspire to be like Christmas lights, but I do. Figuratively.

The sky was cotton candy-pink  and reminded me of a story I used to read from the “Betsy-Tacy” series … those were some of my favorite books as a little girl, and they have always stuck with me. There was a scene in one of them where Betsy and Tacy talk about floating around on top of pink clouds in the summertime. I don’t remember it exactly, but I do remember most of the other stories. In the summer, I got a stack of them from the library and sat in my room and read them, feeling nostalgic. Strangely enough, when I read the books years ago, I was the same age as the characters — then in the summer, I got the second half of the series, which I had never read, and I was once again the same age as Betsy Ray. She is one of those literary characters whom I feel a great similarity to. Betsy writes and reads all the time, adores music, enjoys parties, loves guests, falls in love with (and subsequently marries) the intelligent guy, and spends lots of time at home with her family, especially in the kitchen.

After I was done thinking about Betsy Ray, I realized that the street had gotten a little darker as I strolled at a very leisurely pace. I rounded some more houses and the pink sky looked like sand dunes on the side of Jockey’s Ridge, a place we used to go in North Carolina. Some airplane tracks had crossed and it looked like a doorway, so I thought about that for a while …

Then I reached my house and was pleasantly surprised to remember that it was decorated for Christmas — the tree still looks a little bare, but it will be decorated soon enough. Around holidays, we have lots of little dishes of candy sitting around, so I grabbed a piece of licorice and a peppermint on the way upstairs.

The list is still full of things to do this evening: chemistry equations, music theory, write a paper on Romeo and Juliet, work on new Bach pieces. It probably won’t all get done, but I’ll just get up early tomorrow.

Home again.


3 thoughts on “Another day’s walkings.

  1. Noelle, you have a gift for painting beautiful pictures in your readers’ minds. I look forward to every post here on seeingbeauty.

  2. Noelle, not only do you paint beautiful pictures of what you see with your eyes, but also of what you are thinking and feeling. I love hearing whatever random reflections and thoughts God places in your mind.

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