The season has arrived

… and so has our Christmas tree.

But we don’t do anything the normal way.

Furthermore, I’ve already made the first batch of gingerbread men. There’s no denying the Christmas season once the gingerbread men arrive.

Get ready for lots of Christmas celebration here at Seeing Beauty.
(I can’t help it. My name’s Noelle. My voice is already completely gone — as in, I can barely speak — from Christmas caroling.)


3 thoughts on “The season has arrived

  1. It looks like Christmas is a fun time of year at the Garnier house. Are these pictures of your brothers? You should post a picture of your whole family. Since we met at LeVo, I have never met them.

    • Yes, those are my older brothers, Matt (20) and Ryan (22). Matt is the one in the very … special Christmas tree hat. And hopefully a family picture will be taken this year so that I can show you!

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