“I am sure that God keeps no one waiting unless He sees that it is good for him to wait.” — C.S. Lewis

We do a great deal of waiting in our lives. We wait in lines, wait for calls, wait for trains, wait for answers, wait for daylight, wait for people, wait for slow people, wait for directions, wait for replies. We wait for things we need, things we want, things we should have, things we don’t have, things we’ll never have.

Some waiting is exciting, like waiting for a show to start. Other times it is very hard, like waiting for someone who does not know or does not care that you are waiting.

Whatever you are waiting for, be it

a friend

an answer

the right time

the truth

or the rest of your life

… know that patience strengthens you, help does come, and timing is everything.

God sees you from a heavenly perspective. He knows how it will end, what will happen next.

You are not alone in your waiting.


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