Be someone

“How many cares one loses when one decides not to  be something but to be someone.” — Coco Chanel

source: sabino

And how few people actually believe that. We live in an image-driven world, inspired by advertisers’ whims and driven by short-sighted pursuits. Usually, we go along with it.

Which is better: to be a winner or a learner?

An idol or a role model?

An image or a reality?

An exception or an example?

Everyone’s absolute favorite or everyone’s true friend?

Tough or honorable?

“First in line” or leader?

Popular or worthy?

Loudest or wisest?

Sought-after or respected?

Liked or loved?

Be someone.



One thought on “Be someone

  1. Wow, I’ve thought some about this distinction before, but I’ve never heard it so clearly articulated or simply expressed. Another breath of fresh air! =O

    It reminds me of something from C.S. Lewis (I don’t remember which book…). People say that they fall into sinful pleasures because their desires are too strong, when the real problem is that their desires aren’t strong enough. God planted those desires in our hearts to seek the highest, but when our desires become weak and feeble, we settle for the garbage that world has to offer instead. We were made for more than this world.

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