Marine Corps Marathon

This Sunday, my mom ran the Marine Corps Marathon for the second time … no small feat given that the first time was 25 years ago. (Did I mention Sunday was her 50th birthday?) We went down to watch her run, and it was a truly remarkable experience to see not only 30,000 runners but also a number of disabled wheelchair bikers cross the finish line. Seeing the expressions on runners’ faces as they rounded the last curve helped me to appreciate how long of a journey it had been for many of them. I felt very inspired to do the same someday.

This is the starting line, about 1 mile from the place where the runners actually started.

These are two of the many bikers I saw.

Here we are after the race …

The sign I’m holding says “Team Curing Hand.” The group my mom ran with represents the Ishan Gala Foundation, a charity which supports families of children with neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, as well raising money to research better treatment. Ishan Gala was a young boy who passed away from neuroblastoma, and his parents have taken the opportunity to help many families in memory of him. Please visit their website at to learn more about the Gala family, neuroblastoma, and how you can help.


5 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon

  1. Wow, that’s awesome Noelle!!! Truly inspiring… Congratulations to your mom! (for both her birthday and taking part in a truly amazing movement :D)

  2. I have a friend whose dad was planning on running the marathon. He is a former marine, and they are missionaries on Parris Island.

  3. How neat! Extend a very Happy Birthday-week to your Mom for me, and a congratulations on the big accomplishment! :-D Did you take those pics of the bikers? They look VERY professional (the pictures :-P ).

    Hey- is Ryan on crutches?!? Comrades!

    • Ryan unfortunately dislocated and fractured his knee when he was teaching a soccer clinic for young kids … the poor guy had to walk all over DC with crutches! And yes, I did photograph the bikers — thank you. p.s. I miss you, Kate!

      • Oh my goodness! That’s horrible! Extend a “Get well soon” to him for me too (gee- you’re full of messages for your fam today ;-) )
        I miss you too!!!! :-((

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