The possibilities.

Above my alarm clock, I have a Post-it note with the sentence “Every morning, we have twenty-four brand new hours to live.”

It helps repair my slightly bitter relationship with the alarm clock.

Actually, it’s there because it offers perspective and helps me view the day as an opportunity, not just a continuing sequence of time. Being the somewhat abstract thinker that I am, I spend a lot of time thinking about the many possibilities of what could happen in a day.

You could …

meet someone who changes your life.

hear someone say something that God meant for you.

make a change that pays off.

start fixing a problem in your life. And keep fixing it tomorrow.

discover something that you didn’t know you loved.

cross paths with someone who needs you, or someone you need.

make someone’s life much, much better.

say something that someone will never forget.

tell a hard truth that sets you free.

start being thankful.

forgive someone. Or be forgiven.

do something you didn’t know you were able to do.

stop re-living the past.

make the right decision.

help someone else make the right decision.

run away from something that’s harming you.

take a new direction.


Or, you could not do any of those things. (But you can’t really afford to.)

You could do all of them.

Think of the possibilities … all in a days’ work.




3 thoughts on “The possibilities.

  1. So true. There are so many things we can choose to do with the time God gives us. There will always be people who get alot of things done, and those who accomplish very little. We are all given the same amount of time in a day, and need to be good stewards of that time. We can waste so much time being idle and doing things that aren’t important. Part of the reason I choose not to have a Facebook. ;)
    Oh, and my alarm clock and I are getting better accquainted. I have been waking up considerably earlier than usual to get as many things done as possible in a day. I have found this to be very effective! Anyways..

  2. I relate Paige! I too have been getting up earlier recently. I try not to begrudge my alarm clock now for doing its job and benefiting me in the process… (oh, and I relate to the comment about Facebook too! ;))

    This post was truly inspiring Noelle. Thank you for the insight you never fail to bring. :)

    “37 seconds well lived is a lifetime.”
    ~ Mr. Magorium

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