This morning, I was sitting at my computer sorting photos when I looked out the window and saw the woods behind my house full of yellow leaves just waiting to be photographed. So I grabbed my Nikon D70 and ran outside to shoot pictures of the leaf-covered lawn and beautiful trees. Leaves all over the grass are so neat to shoot because they have an effect almost like film grain — the repetitive pattern just works very well. The light was a little difficult, but I got a couple of shots I liked. Photography is a great thing to do in the morning because it gives you more observant eyes for the rest of the day.

So after all that, I came back inside and as I was shutting the door behind me, the news anchorwoman on tv downstairs says “Well, it’s a dark, cold, chilly morning out there today.” (As if that would get anyone in the mood for productivity.) It occurred to me that it was dark kind of cloudy, and cold a little cold, and chilly sort of breezy, too, but I certainly didn’t think of it as “dark, cold, and chilly” when I went out there to admire fall foliage. It actually seemed perfect. A positive or negative perspective dramatically affects the way you view the world around you. Optimism turns even “dark, cold, and chilly” into perfect weather.

Just another reminder to have eyes for beauty.


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