I have a tattoo. (Didn’t think I was the type, did you?)

But no ink. (You’re right. I’m not.)

I can’t really tell you what it is. You’d have to ask someone who knows me.

Everyone has a tattoo, whether they know it or not. You have something tattooed on your heart that is just as apparent to those around you as if it were visible on your skin. It could be a defining quality, a characteristic, a name, an object, an event, anything that has imprinted itself on your life. That tattoo tells something about your priorities, your loves, your desires, your past, your purpose.

Your tattoo tells the truth about you. It might be good truth, or it might be unflattering truth you’d rather not have displayed for all to see. Even if you don’t recognize what it says, you ultimately have control over it. Truth, humility, genuineness and purity result in a tattoo of grace. Deception, pride, selfishness, and hatred result in a tattoo of, well, evil. Sometimes even the most appealing people have ugly tattoos stamped across their lives. Or those you wouldn’t take a second look at have an undeniable beauty inked across their every move.

If you stay just as you are now, your tattoo will grow old with you, but it will not fade — it will be clear for all to see until the day you die. But unlike the kind on your skin, these tattoos do not have to be forever. If you are not pleased with the reality of what is tattooed across your life, you can change it. But it requires dedicated, purposeful living.

What is tattooed on your life? Who is tattooed on your life?


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