A very happy autumn to you …

There are many things to love about autumn, including:

the first unexpected chill

the mix of sunshine and smoky skies

books, book pages, book bags, book marks

wearing boots

apples are in season

fallen leaves on the sidewalk, blowing around when you walk

trees that look like candy apples


vibrant colors and fading grass

cooking food inside on cold-ish evenings


lit class

pumpkin cookies

good running weather

the first early anticipation of the Christmas season

the alive-ness

what else? Please add to the list.

p.s. Another thing about autumn is that the schedule tends to pick up pace immensely. Please forgive the slightly decreased frequency of my postings. You will probably see a few every week, as I may not be able to write every day. Writing does take time and sometimes academics crowd out other important things. (excuses, excuses.) But I’ll be here as often as possible!


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