I’m generally a pretty happy, joyful person, but I’m always on the lookout for ways to be more so, because “extremely happy” is better than “pretty happy.” So, here are a few things that make me feel quite upbeat — hopefully they do the same for you!

1) Seeing other people smile. This is #1 because it really does make me incredibly happy. So don’t forget to smile at all your friends and everyone you meet! You know that quote, “Don’t quit smiling because you never know who could be falling in love with your smile.” Well, you never know who might need to see your smile.

2) Lots of light. Sunlight does wonders for one’s mood.

3) Taking a moment outdoors to think. When things are moving fast or emotions are flying, stepping outside for a moment alone to remember your priorities helps immensely.

4) Doing something productive. When you sit around doing nothing, your mood follows suit and shifts into neutral, which usually turns into a negative attitude. Doing chores around the house, even though it might take effort to actually get started, tends to improve my own state of mind greatly.

5) Doing something to make someone else happy. So I make pumpkin cookies.

6)  Reading Psalms … they are full of encouragement!

7) Eating well (or cooking!). I feel much better if I eat something natural and unprocessed instead of sugar or something unhealthy. They say that salmon, yogurt, and walnuts are all excellent foods for boosting your energy and mood. (I’m a fruit-aholic, which also seems to have a good effect.)

8 ) Cheerful, enthusiastic music. Something that makes you tap your foot, nod your head, or best of all, sing. I picked up someone’s memoir in the bookstore recently, and one line jumped off the page at me: “I realized that I loved the way singing made me feel more than I hated the way I sounded.” (He went on to finish second on American Idol at age 17.) If you really love something that much, you shouldn’t forget about it just because you aren’t the best. You can do it anyway. If someone has an issue with you not being the best, that’s his problem.

9) Giving people gifts. It makes me so happy to watch someone open something that is perfect for him or her.

10) Being inspired by the things I love: pictures, quotes, music, books, film and acting, beautiful things of all varieties.

bonus #11) Spending time with kindhearted, enthusiastic, encouraging people. It’s contagious! Those kinds of individuals are increasingly rare.

What makes you happy?


5 thoughts on “Happy

  1. Wow, I feel like most of this list was written with me in mind! You captured the happiness that comes from these things perfectly. I agree especially with #1 (especially when it unites with #6 for a double dose).


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