Call it “so last year” if you want, but this is beautiful!

“A disco ball/is just hanging by a thread…”


3 thoughts on ““Fireflies”

  1. Dang, I got way more than I expected from this! Some stuff I liked:

    1) The amazing sound quality. That keyboard sounds like a real piano, & their harmony is… AMAZING.

    2) The disembodied hand.

    3) The cross hanging on the back wall.

    4) The incredibly passionate (and equally amazing) beatboxing at the end.

    5) My little brother’s reaction to the video. “Wow, they’re good. (pause) What’s that guy in the back doing? (pause) Oh, he’s playing Wii.” (2min later, during the climax of Fireflies) “He’s playing Mariocart. He just jumped. (pause) He jumped again. (even longer pause) Those piano skills are mad.”

    I think this might be my favorite video from your blog now Noelle. :)

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