“…I can carry you.”

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This is one of my favorite moments in any movie, ever.

“I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you. Come on!”

I hope that everyone has a friend like Samwise Gamgee. There is so much more to this moment than simple loyalty. (Not to imply that loyalty is simple.) Sam did not ask to be sent on this journey. He did not ask for Gollum to chase him up the side of a mountain. He never exactly intended to become Frodo’s bodyguard. But he suffers next to him ’til the very end.

Do you know someone who would do more than tow the line, someone who would shoulder your weight, carry your burden, and save your life whether you wanted him to or not? Someone who would do whatever it takes to make sure you fulfill your duty, no matter how hard? Would you do that for someone else?

There are hurting people all around you, even if you don’t recognize their pain. One of your own friends (yes, YOURS) might be waiting for someone, anyone, to find out what he or she is going through. Make every effort to find that person. When you do, share the load. Feel her pain. But don’t assume her responsibilities. Let him do what he needs to do and say what he needs to say. After all, you can’t carry it for him. But you can carry him.


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