“I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things.” –Henri Matisse

If you and every single person you know (or can think of) were all painted in one picture, what would the difference be between you and everyone else? We are all people, and there is some degree of sameness there. But what is the difference?

“Well, I guess there might be something different about me, but you’d sort of have to see me in person, and maybe get to know me a little bit, and we’d have to spend some time together.” As if. Who would admit that?

We try so hard to fit in, but if one big portrait of the world were being painted, would you really want to look just the same as everyone else? Don’t be afraid to stand out. Society has given the word “different” a negative connotation — odd, uncomfortable, perhaps a bit awkward. But would any of us be proud to be called “same?” (“I think I love her! She’s the same as every other girl I’ve ever met! She fits in so well and never has to worry about people looking at her!”) No, I think not.

If God had wanted to see vast similarity, He would have given us all the same fingerprints. But He didn’t.

If you want to be outstanding, stop being comfortable with sameness. You were meant to be different.


One thought on “Different

  1. Amen to that! Look anywhere in His Creation, and you will get the impression that God loves diversity. No two species, habitats, locations, time periods, languages, cultures or people are identical. God looks down at each of us and says, “I have created you uniquely. There has never been anyone quite like you before. And there never will be.”

    “Lost Get Found” by Britt Nicole perfectly embodies what you said about being (or not being rather) afraid to stand out. It’s a great song. Great post, Noelle!

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