Art studio

Noelle’s desk and floor become an art studio as she prepares for school, not by completing summer homework but by making chic covers for her notebooks while she listens to big band music. Clearly, Noelle’s priorities are in place. Besides, procrastination doesn’t start until September.

p.s. Noelle does not endorse messy rooms. She dislikes them ardently.


3 thoughts on “Art studio

  1. Very cool, Noelle. May I ask, how do you make covers for your school books? Do you buy the pre-made ones and decorate them, or do you make them completely on your own? I am curious.

  2. Actually, what I was making today were collage-type things to go in clear-front binders. I used an assortment of magazine pictures/vintage stuff and drew some fashion sketches, then made project pages out of those using different scrapbook papers. I made one with a French/balloons theme and one with a pink and brown/Vogue theme. So, it’s not really a complicated craft project, but I like it …

  3. Sounds pretty complicated to me… (talk about taking simple artistry to a new level!)

    This was a short post, but I noticed a lot of stuff about it I liked:

    1. Saying everything in third-person.
    2. The use of words such as “chic,” “endorse,” & “ardently.”
    3. The use of a post-script.
    4. Clearly defining the appropriate time to indulge in procrastination (a word whose very definition defies the meaning of the phrase “the appropriate time” to do anything)
    5. The picture of the room implied as being “messy” (I share a room with a younger brother and we have 3 dogs who all shed. Your standards are high, Noelle)
    6. The entire post is quotable material (no joke).

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