Going on holiday…

Early in the morning, I’ll be leaving for a little excursion off to the mountains. I have been greatly anticipating this trip for a long time, especially because while I am away, neither myself nor any of my companions can be reached. Cell service will be unavailable and there will be no accessible internet. Weather permitting, I will be writing and studying in a magnificent forest, taking walks past creeks and farms, doing all kinds of “unplugged” recreational activities outdoors. An enthusiastic farewell to Gmail, WordPress, Yahoo, YouTube, Grooveshark, Twitter, Feedly, Buzz, and every other web destination … the only thing I will actually miss is my home and the mailbox in front of it. But I’ll see you all next weekend, hopefully with pictures. A bientot!

He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left. — Chinese proverb


3 thoughts on “Going on holiday…

  1. Doubtless you’ve already left and are enjoying the richness of God’s creation, but just thought I’d say safe trip! Have fun living unplugged, but bring back lots of pictures!

    (by the way, I can guess what “A bientot” means, but… what language is that? Actually, I think I can guess that too…)

  2. “See you soon” in French. You probably did guess that …

    I am back home! “She who returned from the journey is not the same as she who left.”

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