What makes you feel perfectly happy, delighted, ecstatic, or blissful?

For me, it’s an afternoon roaming with girlfriends — eating lunch in a sidewalk cafe, buying some ice-cream or drinks, and browsing around Anthropologie or a paper shop. Watching someone open a gift I picked out especially for them. Perhaps it’s — this is an odd one — reading in the library for a couple of undisturbed hours, carrying 20-pound stacks in an extremely bookish manner. Strolling around city streets, stopping in at whatever museum or monument strikes my fancy. The sound of a whole roomful — or porchful — of friends laughing. Gardens and green yards. Emma, Pride and Prejudice, and The Young Victoria. The Happy Working Song. Weddings, graduations, and unbirthday parties. Dressing up for said parties. Watching military families reunite. “Buongiorno, Principessa!” (from Life is Beautiful.) Things that are simple, like walking on the harbor looking at boats. Real British accents. Dashing barefoot through a thunderstorm in Colonial Williamsburg. (It happened twice on vacation last year — once in Williamsburg, once in Busch Garden’s Italy.) Christmas Eve and Christmas lights (my name is Noelle, after all). Scripture that leaps off the page. Balloons, especially in very large quantities. Disco balls. Quotes from Winnie the Pooh. My sixteenth birthday, one of the most enjoyable days of my life. Flowers in the mail. Being out in the country and looking at the stars. If I kept on going, I would be here all night …

And this also makes me happy, I hope it makes you happy, too …


2 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. That little girl is so cute. Noelle, you have a knack for finding really good videos. Thanks for sharing this.

    (Yes, it made me happy.)

    Sarah Beth

  2. Talk about an intricate storyline… But extremely original to say the least (I cracked up so much when she said that the hippo was allergic to magic)!

    It’s great to just enjoy the little things in life!

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