Beyond holding the door.

From The Sword and the Circle: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Trumpets sounded golden upon the morning air, and the tall knight on the roan horse whom Geraint had followed yesterday came forward to where his lady sat beneath a silken canopy, and cried in a great voice for all to hear, “Lady, will you come with me and take the sparrowhawk which awaits you, for it is yours by right of your beauty which outshines the beauty of all other ladies. If any knight shall say you nay, then let him do battle with me!”

“Wait!” Geraint shouted, taking up the challenge. “Do not touch the sparrowhawk, for my lady here with me is yet more fair than yours, and in her name I lay claim to it!”

Then the knight laughed. “You? Some country churl who has found a suit of battered armor in a ditch? Come then and we will do battle for it, if you wish to have your head broken!”

Then the two drew apart to the furthest ends of the meadow, and wheeled their horses and came thundering down upon each other so strongly and truly that at their meeting both spears were shattered.

Strength, valor, courage, character, and a healthy dose of competition. A tall order, but these guys pulled it off. To the young men I know: Please, don’t let nobility die away. Thank you for holding the door, but strive for heroism. I don’t believe chivalry is dead. Serve and protect the ones you love. Treat them with the highest respect. Don’t allow them to be dishonored. Understand the weight of the example you set. Lead at every opportunity. Don’t be afraid to talk about the things of God. Reflect well on your brothers in Christ. Show that your faith is the highest priority in your life. Demonstrate the love of Jesus in every way.

We will have the utmost appreciation and admiration for you.

(And by the way, the knight in slightly battered armor wins.)


One thought on “Beyond holding the door.

  1. Wow, what a reminder. Though achieving heroism and chivalry nowadays usually doesn’t mean donning a suit of armor and duking it out with whoever challenges your lady’s honor, it still means leading with strong hands, standing up for those who cannot, and being willing to fight for what’s right. It’s a tall order all right, but it’s one worthy of rising up to. Thanks for the reminder.

    “knight in slightly battered armor” ;)

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