Sounds of summer.

1. Pen on paper.

2. The piano.

3. Crunching watermelon.

4. Chirrrp. Chirrrp. Chirrrrrrrrp. (Crickets.)

5. This music, my favorite:

6. And lots of other music, constantly.

7. Pages turning.

8. Silence. (The library.)

9. “Noelle, dim the lights. More. Perfect.” “Matt, put the movie in.” “Evan, you do the volume. Turn it up. TURN IT DOWN!” (Invariably. Before every single movie.)

10. “Do you have any books about sharks?” (The kids’ mobile library where I volunteer.)

11. Boisterous laughter.

12. Hysterical laughter.

13. Uncontrollable laughter.

14. “Have you seen ‘Inception?'” (No…)

15. *click* *click* *click* FLASH “Don’t look at the camera. It’s supposed to be CANDID.”

16. Thunder and rain, which we haven’t had much of but are most welcome when they come.

What does your summer sound like?


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