What does “being great today” look like?

Time management. Willingness to help. Doing what isn’t required as well as what is. Being gracious. Being patient. Applying yourself. Meeting the needs of others. Stopping everything to meet those needs. Allowing those needs to be more important than your own. Optimism.

I see “everyday greatness” in cashiers who remain friendly and polite despite their long hours of work. I see it in teachers who keep on giving their best whether students appreciate them or not. I see it in students who respect their teachers, whom God has called to teach, even if the class is challenging or boring. I see it in people who step outside their own comfortable social circle and show kindness to the people nobody looks at.  I see it in anyone who sacrifices his time or his resources not because it’s fun, not because it’s entertaining, but because it’s right. And I see a large measure of greatness in anyone who can remain positive for the sake of those around them even when they are under tremendous pressure or strain.

Where do you see everyday greatness?


2 thoughts on “Greatness

  1. It seem like everything right now relates back to the camp I’m working at, but I’d definitely say the counselors and assistant counselors at my camp. They sacrifice so much of their time and energy (for a low-paying job) just to be with these kids, to ensure that they have fun and to help them grow. Working with kids is not always easy, and is probably the most draining activity I have ever done before. But day in and day out, I see them back again with energy and enthusiasm, with a smile on their faces, and with an unmistakable love for the kids they are serving. That’s everyday greatness.

    Love that quote, Noelle. Sounds vaguely familiar… ;)

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