I have always liked spies.

It began with the Boxcar Children, then I graduated to Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys. Anything with “mystery” in the title. I checked out book after book about forensics, fingerprinting, and hidden cameras. Now I like Sherlock Holmes and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

I envied the heroes’ skill at noticing details and nuances, and the way they waltzed with danger on a daily basis. The idea of toting around cameras and recorders and pens that shoot bullets intrigued me.

Perhaps the reason I like spy stories is because there is always more than meets the eye. Everything means something else. You never have to take things at face value. Nothing gets past a spy, because his/her eyes are always open, searching for the real meaning and clues to the ultimate solution.

Spies don’t put everything out in the open. They’re mysterious, not just to look cool but because they use the ultimate discretion in what they disclose. The mystique is there because they don’t reveal everything right away. You won’t catch a good spy regretting something she just said. She doesn’t brag about how many cases she’s solved or how many weapons she’s carrying.

A true secret agent doesn’t forget his mission. He finishes what he starts, and he’s willing to complete whatever task he’s given, or die trying. Challenges of every kind might arise, but he gets the job done. He does it whether he’s going to be thanked for it or not.

Maybe we should all have a little more “spy” in us.


3 thoughts on “Spies

  1. That IS a great picture (the BEWARE looks like it was from an Old Western poster or something).

    It’s interesting to think of the characteristics that make a good spy (and not just whatever gadgets or tricks they have up their sleeves). You’re right, always being observant and on the look-out for a deeper meaning, as well using discretion in what you disclose (prudence!) are traits that we could all use.

  2. Noelle,
    I’m doing some “time travel” on your blog. I REALLY like this post =) I like the way you point out the characteristics of a good spy…it’s intriguing! I am still a fan of spies and mystery =)
    Thanks for the challenge! (Trying to “have a little more spy in us.”)

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