Last night, I was at the YMCA staggering along on the treadmill when the TV monitor across the room started playing a commercial for nutella, the chocolate-hazelnut spread you can eat for breakfast! You can have it on toast or croissants or waffles or pancakes or sandwiches or ice cream or anything else, really. I like peanut butter/nutella sandwiches, but if you’re looking for a real sugar rush, you can make a sandwich out of nutella and fluffernutter. It’s a fabulous invention with unlimited possibilities. All over Paris, they sell nutella crepes for 2 euros. But we Americans can get in on the Parisian goodness, too. If you have one jar, you will want two, so buy it at Costco where TWO jars come in ONE box! And buy it today!

How do you eat YOUR nutella?


3 thoughts on “Nutella!

  1. Hey, when I was staying in Vienna, they also had nutella there (I guess it’s more of a European thing). I thought it was pretty good (almost like chocolate-flavored peanut butter), but I didn’t know we have it in America too. I should look into that. (just a guess… you really like nutella don’t you?)

  2. Hey, I was in IHOP today for my little brother’s birthday (he’s turning 11!), and for the first time I noticed they had nutella crepes! I got something else, but I still want to try it sometime (and yes, I’m trying to get some nutella from Cosco). It’s interesting how you don’t notice these things until someone points them out to you…

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