Inspire: to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence.

An archaic definition would be “to breathe life into.”

What breathes life into you?

You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m inspired by things that are beautiful. For me, things that are aesthetically beautiful inspire me to cultivate skills that will allow me to contribute to that beauty. A wonderful picture inspires playing music just as much as a wonderful sonata does. A breathtaking song inspires acting even more than an actor does. A scenic landscape — or cityscape — inspires writing as much as any of Shakespeare’s sonnets do.

What or who inspires you? (The greatest inspiration is that of our Creator.)

Where or when are you inspired?

And to what are you inspired? (Most of the things I mentioned above are abstract/artistic inspiration, but it must be said that art doesn’t just inspire more art. It can inspire action, emotion, determination, or anything else.)

I’ve found that sometimes things that I see or hear inspire something that I can’t identify. Maybe it’s a renewed passion for life. Maybe it’s a feeling of creativity. Maybe it’s a sense of well-being, or a sense of a need that I didn’t know I had, or the sense of a need being met in a way I didn’t recognize.

Share your inspiration … or if you don’t have any, find some. Here is some of mine.

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I love landscapes. There is something so peaceful about being on top of a mountain and looking out over miles of rolling Appalacia. There is something majestic about the Rockies in the summer. Gazing out over thousands of acres of cornfields covered in snow makes me long to sit in front of a fireplace and journal or read. Horses covered in mud, running through a pasture, with flying manes and tails makes me want to jump on and ride for hours.

  2. I agree with Sarah. Seeing landscapes that God created, untainted by man, is truly inspiring.

    I think my main inspiration is creativity and originality. I love to see and hear authors, musicians, actors, and other artists who are overflowing with creative and unique ideas and can express them well. C.S. Lewis is definitely topping my list too, Noelle!

    And of course, as Noelle says so rightly, the greatest inspiration is our Creator. He’s called “the Creator” for a reason. He created everything! All creativity comes from Him, and whenever we are creative, we are being a reflection of God. I stand in awe of God’s creativity whenever I look at the work of His hands, especially in the animal kingdom. The diversity and uniqueness of each one blows my mind every time I get a glimpse of it. No one knows creativity and originality like God does.

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