“Comme des enfants”


2 thoughts on ““Comme des enfants”

  1. Where do you find all these French videos? (they’re nice, but I kinda wish I knew what they were talking about… I don’t know any French).

    I can’t understand the lyrics, but I like the concept in the video of just going around and making things more beautiful. It’s a great idea, one that would make the world quite a place to look at, if we all did a little bit of that on a regular basis…

  2. “Comme des enfants” means “like children.” The chorus of the song is basically “He loves me, you love me a little more/but he still loves me, and I love you a little more.” I can’t quite get an exact translation of all the verses, but basically it’s a song about being in love but still feeling like kids — carefree and naive.
    And you can find lots of French pop music on YouTube! My favorites are Coeur de Pirate and Jena Lee.

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