35 reasons.

This is something I read on The Rebelution blog a while ago … I think it is excellent, articulate, and very insightful.


I felt very challenged when I read it, so I now have some of the reasons from the list written on post-its on my bulletin board. One of the best, in my opinion, was “because time spent in sin is forever wasted.” I am one of those people who is always talking about time management and the importance of not wasting time … it was convicting to think about all the seconds I’ve wasted doing things that not only have zero benefit, but actually have consequences as well.

Leave a comment if you have thoughts about anything on the list …


One thought on “35 reasons.

  1. This is a pretty old post, so I doubt you’ll see this comment (sorry for not keeping up with the posts), but I HAD to post something about this one.

    Wow, what a list (where do I start!?)

    One thing I noticed is a very heavy emphasis on the effects that sin will have on others. I had assumed, when I saw the title of the list, that it would be primarily about sin’s negative effects on the sinner (and I wasn’t disappointed, there were plenty of those). But the reasons that blew me away were about others: God, those who care about you (family, friends, mentors, etc.), and those you influence.

    It effects God. It grieves God when we choose disobedience in favor of His love. We abandon God, when we had promised Him that we would serve Him all our lives. We, as unpleasant it sounds, prostitute ourselves to other gods. He loved us enough to send His Son to the cross for us, and we leave Him. Also, we are His children, and no loving parent could stand by uneffected as their child suffers, even if they deserved it. It grieves me when I think about how I have “grieved [God] by a thousand falls.” But I know it grieves Him far more.

    As a reflection of how God loves and cares for us, those He has placed around us who love us and also care for our welfare are hurt. Like God, they are saddened by the existence of the sin, and by the hurt it inflicts upon the sinner.

    And finally, our sin can effect those we might influence. This one is less of a given, but that might make it even more important. This point really stood out to me. How many times has my own sin hindered my ministry to others, my role of ambassador for Christ, my position of leadership as a Christian?

    A lot to think about, to reflect on. Thanks, Noelle, for posting it.

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